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Horse Plugin (MyHorse replacement)

Daniiiiii @ SimplyCrafted SMP
posted Apr 29, 14
Today a new horse plugin was added to SimplyCrafted.
This is a full guide on commands and some other useful information about the plugin, Stables.


View all commands in-game

Add a friend to be allowed to ride your horse
/stables addrider <player name>

Remove a friend currently allowed to ride your horse
/stables delrider <player name>

Abandons your horse. This will give up your ownership of the horse
/stables abandon

View info such as health, jump strength and Owner
/stables info

TP to your horse (Premium and above only)
/stables TP <name of horse>

List all your owned horses
/stables list

Recover your horse from the Virtual Stable
/stables recover <name of horse>

List all your horses in the Virtual Stable
/stables view

Other Information:

Store your horse in a Virtual Stable using a Virtual Stables sign which can be located at all of the District Spawns. Any rank bellow Elite will be charged $100 per use. Recovering a horse from the Virtual Stables is free. You may also /modreq fora sign to be put in your town. Only 1 per town and MUST be at your town spawn only.

Horse Per Rank Limit:

Player: Max 25 Horses
Regular: Max 35 Horses
Veteran: Max 35 Horses
Supporter: Max 40 Horses
Donator: Max 40 Horses
Premium: Max 40 Horses,
VIP: Max 45 Horses
SVIP: Max 45 Horses
Elite: Max 45 Horses
DemiGod: Max 50 Horses
God: Max 50 Horses
Spacetrooper77 Awesome, been waiting for this
anneboleyn90 Look at my horse! My horse is amazing. ...
Rocketeer54 Who needs 25 horses?!

SMP Staff Applications are open for one week.

Daniiiiii @ SimplyCrafted SMP
posted Apr 17, 14
Update: Congratulation to Rocketeer and Dermillers our new helpers!

Have you ever wanted to join our staff team?
Staff applications are open now, for a limited time! [applications now closed]

We're looking to take on an additional member of staff.

We would like for the staff member to be able to cover our lowest staffed timezone, which is late night US/early early morning UK time.

Applicants must be at least 15 years of age, and must complete the full application, including the essay.

Applications will be closed on the 25th of April, when we hope to be able to pick a new staff member!
bigbro117 what about 13? because for the summer ill be off school covering up to 11 us time
AgentDark1 Congratz Jon! Congratz Rocket!
CTOG oh man hope i get it ...
Great news, we've worked hard to improve our donator ranks and bring back some of the things that makes simply great!

  • Disguises
  • More homes
  • Everyone can tpa
  • Coloured name plates based on rank
  • /msg is now enabled

Disguises are now back and better then ever! We are using a different plugin so the command are a little different now you can use /d <mob name> to disguise as a mob and /ud to un-disguise. We've added more disguises than we have ever had before to more ranks:

*Update: Iron_Golem has now been moved to VIP to replace donkey and Witch has been added to God*

  • Veteran+: Cow
  • Supporter+: Pig
  • Donator+: Sheep (any colour! E.g. /d sheep pink)
  • Premium+: Chicken & Mushroom_Cow
  • VIP+: Wolf & Iron_Golem
  • SVIP+: Squid and Ocelot
  • Elite+: Villager and Baby animals (/d cow baby)
  • Demi God+: Snowman & Horse
  • God: Witch

At long last we have finally added more set homes to each rank. Regulars can now set 2 homes. Veteran, Supporter and Donator can set 3 homes. Premium, VIP and SVIP can set 4 homes. Elite can set 5. Demi God can set 7 and finally God can set 9 homes. To set multiple homes type /sethome <name> (names cannot be numbers).

To make it easier for new people to join and play with friends, everyone on the server can now /tpa however it costs $100 everytime you type /tpa even if it is denied. Premium and above can /tpa for free.

Some other little additions include coloured nameplates based on the colour of your rank (you can't see your own). Also we have now enabled /msg and /r so you can chat to your friends aswell as using /m and /er whatever you prefer!

chris_avce small suggestion move the paragraph about tpa to be above disguises and make it stick out and emphasize the bit about tp ...
Tuovicrook Thanks for morehomes, a hobo like me needs them. Disguises are nice too. As is the privat talk.
mman2424 im so happy

PvP Server once again LIVE!

Daniiiiii @ SimplyCrafted SMP
posted Mar 15, 14
It's here, it's here, the wait is finally over!

Our PvP server is now back open, with new donator perks.

Join "/server pvp" now to join in the war!

Cyb3r_Duck so why the fuck am i banned
tyupiol I sware stallion if you use the faction anonymous.
GSS_99 yay!