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Hello everyone! We are going to be having a Valentine's Day sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until February 22nd! Get that rank you've been wanting while it's cheap! Happy Valentine's Day!

- SC Staff

Hey SimplyCrafters,

This is jut a quick update to inform you that we currently have a 25% off sale running in our donator store, the sale will end on the 16th of August, so if you're looking to upgrade your rank or even get your first one, now is a good time!

On top of this, we have a new Staff member! Congratulations to Queenbreezy24 who is our new helper.

For all other people who have applied and still have their application open, this doesn't currently mean that you haven't been successful. We may take on more staff at a later date, so keep at it!

Hi SimplyCrafters,

This is just a quick message to let you know that we plan to upgrade from version 1.8 to 1.8.7 in the next week or so.

After this update however, you will no longer be able to store/summon/use the Horses plugin.

This means that any horse that you currently have stored by /horses will no longer exist.

Any future horses will not be able to be claimed with the protection.

There is no horse/stables plugin replacement that will work correctly on our server, so horses will no longer be able to be claimed/protected by the plugin.

We are unable to replace any lost/missing horses, hence why we are advising you in advance.

If you have any futher questions, please speak to either myself of Chr1s in game.


We will be updating on the 20th, July at
[10:00am BST] (London)
[5:00am EDT] (New York)
[7:00pm AEST] (Sydney)
The Horses plugin WILL be working as usual.

Do you have what it takes to become a part of the SimplyCrafted staff team? We're looking for a new team of helpers to learn the ropes with us and see what it's like to become staff. Not all applicants will be accepted, but if you think that you would benefit our community, apply at:

If you plan to apply, please ensure that you meet the following criteria, as anyone who does not will not be accepted:

  • All applicants must be aged atleast 15 years old. We are looking for a team of helpers, not Jr Helpers. Jr Helper is a rank that we no longer plan to continue.
  • Must be ranked at least VETERAN or above (Donator ranks). Players ranked "Player" or "Regular" need not apply. We want players who have played on our server for a long time, and know about us.
  • Players must not have caused any issues on our server at any time. If you have been jailed, or otherwise reprimanded, you are unlikely to be accepted.
  • Players must be well known to staff. It is beneficial if you use our teamspeak service, as this enables yourself and the staff team to build up a rappor with each other. It also helps us to learn more about you, which helps us to pick our staff teams.
  • Player must fill out the essay part of the application as per descriptions on the form. There is a minimum word limit that we expect in essays and people with less than this are unlikely to be accepted.
  • Do NOT keep asking staff to check your application. We check these in our own time, and they are accepted/declined as we feel is neccisary. If you ask staff to check your application, it will be instantly declined.
  • Do not bug people to vouch for you on your application. If people want to refer you, they will leave a comment stating this. We expect any referrals listed on your application to leave a post on your application explaining why they feel that you should be accepted. Any referral who has not done this will not be taken into consideration. Just agreeing to refer someone without a reason to explain why no longer cuts it, so dont list any referrals who are not willing to do this for you.
  • We expect any applicants to actually be active on our server. Just logging in from a long hiatus for the purpose of running for stafff is not good enough. We want to see you online and actively playing.

If you have any questions, reply to this post!

TrumanJZL How long will the applications be open?
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jangofett888 Does being jailed mean on this smp or the old one as well> Would that include being kicked and being jailed once