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Have you ever wanted to join our staff team?
Staff applications are open now, for a limited time!

We're looking to take on one additional member of staff.

We would like for the staff member to be able to cover our lowest staffed timezone, which is late night US/early early morning UK time.

Applicants must be at least 15 years of age, and must complete the full application, including the essay.

Applications will be closed on the 15th of February when we will decide on our new helper!

Good luck!

plectro I was gonna hope for a staff hahah, but then again im only getting back into simplycrafted now, its been too long ...
De_Leb_Legend amm too late am i
GSS_99 Yes No Maybe?

Congrats to our Mob Arena winners: Tyupiol, Portalz and Angel!

We have hit our 100 likes goal on (Like us now if you haven't already for up to date news!)
As stated, when we hit our goal, we schedule our hosted MobArena.

Do you have what it takes?
Our Hosted Mob Arena is due to be hosted on Saturday the 25th of January!

Please ensure you are able to attend as per your timezone below:

4PM Pacific Time (US)
5PM Mountain Time (US)
6PM Central Time (US)
7PM Eastern Time (US)
00:00 Midnight GMT (UK)
10AM Australian (Sunday 26th)

You might want to start preparing!
Ask MobArena veterans in game for what sort of items you may want to bring with you!
MajorGeekX4 I'm not gonna participate, but can I watch?
nattov Does it usually last about an hour?
As a lot of a donators are aware, we're looking to revamp our donator perks.
The changes that we have implemented so far are:

Walking effects

God Rank: /kit horse (24h cooldown)
VIP+ Rank: /kit xp (3 hour cooldown, 32 bottles 'o enchanting)

We have a few ideas of other things we can add, but if you have any ideas of your own, comment at the bottom of this post and we will possibly look into any good ideas!
Please remember that we are a big server, so anything laggy or outdated (plugin wise) will not be considered.


We have also updated the prices in the "Other" section of the SMP shop. Check them out!

We also have some new items!

iED_18 I love how the two things I mainly donated for are cut out...
miniminja - I Would Like To Have Like Maybe SVip+ Or Elite+ to have 3 Homes That You Can Set - i Think /furnace would be very cool ...
anneboleyn90 More home sets, /furnace or /30 lvl enchant table.

To celebrate our SMP server resetting and updating to 1.7.4, as well as it being xmas time, we're offering a 20% discount on all of our donor ranks from now until the 29th of December.

Happy Christmas SimplyCrafters!
De_Leb_Legend i hope the maps don regen agian, cuz i will lose major property, and stuff.
KingAzuria No nvm. just sitting on a wrecking ball.
KingAzuria Why is there a picture of Justin getting stabbed in know? lol
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